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luna miranda

these are funny shots, Sid! i look like a crazy person here, laughing in front of my computer (LOL).

SD (Aspherical)

Just when I was wondering how you were going to top the fireworks series... I love the action in the third shot. I also like you choice of black and white for the series, I think it adds to the overall feel.


I love the last photo! (Caption: Ayoko na!!!)


A fascinating sport with an interested audience. That last photo is funny....the one boxer apparently has had enough and get trying to get away. Nice series.


interesting shots!I wonder how the fight went?sexy?tough?cheesy?hehe

oh,its my first time to see your photos in B/W! great as usual! :D

dodong flores

The last photo is funny!


J'aime beaucoup l'atmosphère très particulière qui ressort de ces images!


Ils finissent par un marathon ? Bonne journée.


cool shots, funny to see a boy walking in the ring with the number


my husband watches UFC and i call it gay fighting, he laughed when i told him there was such a thing :)


elles sont très jolies tes photos


it's good to know that this is culturally accepted in the philippines. i myself know a lot of baklas in the US as well. great documentary shots!


I noticed this seems to be a trend even in some of the provinces I've visited; also gay basketball. Wouldn't be surprised if one day, we'll have ultimate fighting as well.

Photo Cache

must really be fun to go. i hope it's not really boxing boxing you know where one gets hurt?

fortuitous faery

whoooa this was in pasig? i used to live there.

and those boxers look like they do a lot more posing than punching! maybe because you were there! haha.

that last photo has them chasing each other! haha...

John Maslowski

Interesting series of photos,especially the last shot. Looks like you have to be a fast runner too. Great action shots!


Dès le premier round, l'une d'elle refuse le face à face... çà commence bien !


They look pretty muscular but not that strong... especially if you compare them to North American boxers!


oh, of course, the ring girl is replaced by a good looking young man.. ;D and that last image.. is he running away?! lol! nice series of shots.. :)

Michael Rawluk

The processing fits boxing nicely but these guys don't seem too athletic.


Round 1, elle est entré chaude (lol)
Sacré coup plein dans le mille (lol)
Sa doit faire mal ça :(
Au faite tu as parié sur qui ???
Elles sont trop belles clichés, j'ai l'impression
d'y être, on vit avec ces moments à travers tes photos

Bonne semaine
Gros bisous

Charles Dastodd

it looks like they have quite an audience for this event. that is really something. I wonder if a sport like this would be popular in the US? Nicely capture! Thanks for sharing these. :)


C'est de la course à pieds la dernière ? Oui je sui,s enfin j'étais imprimeur !

Otto K.

great images. that one seems to be running away.

Wim van der Meij

They know how to hit each other. Funny to have these contests for gays.

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